Perch Fund

We haven't had the chance to do our usual charitable events this year; we haven't done the cinema nights, the fun stuff!
Whilst we promise these will return. We want to start doing some more positive deeds now.

Now should be the time for the communities that we are part of to come together, but we are divided by an ever-changing degree of rules and laws.

We've been so wrapped up with everything that we haven't stopped to think about the things that we are missing. So we are announcing our own small fund to support children's sports teams and clubs in both Lancing and Eastbourne. We want to do something positive. We will be giving £1,000 in Eastbourne and £1,000 in Lancing. The money might go to one cause or numerous smaller organisations.

We'll assess each application and the options available. We want the funds to go to an organisation that's open, inclusive, promotes health and most importantly provides a positive impact.


£1,000 in Eastbourne and £1,000 in Lancing to Support children's sports teams & clubs!

Q & A

The Who and the Why?

Anyone can apply, we want to know about the organisation and what the money is going to be spent on. All proposals are welcome.

What can the money be spent on?

Anything, its just got to provide a positive impact. Be that help improve a facility, to pay for staff, buy equipment. We'll listen to all bids.

When is the closing date?

We ask that people submit bids via this website by Thursday 10th December for the awarding on Sunday 20th December.

How do we apply?

At the bottom of this website we have a form, please fill this in, you'll get a mail to confirm that we've received all the details. We won't review any applications until the deadline (10/12/20). 

If necessary we might get in touch to ask further questions.

Why Kids Sports?

So we think kids sports and activities are hugely important and think it's vulnerable in our current state of covid. Everyone has had a tough time this year, and we haven't done much, apart from to try and survive.

We want to do more, and if this works, then we will look at other organisations/sectors to donate to. This is our first step into supporting our direct community.

This just the Perch?

Yes, at the moment it's just us. We'd love for the fund to get bigger and for other people/companies to come on board. We'd love to spark more engagement in our communities.


Applicaiton form

Please fill in the application form, if we need any additional details we'll be in touch.

Please provide as much information as possible. If you have any questions then feel free to drop us a message via our social channels.